Sep 6, 2010

Feeding My Mind

Good people, as you know I am all about being a life-long learner. I actually detest people who think there isn't something new to learn, think they know it all, and/or constantly talk about the same subject.

With that said, I can read, watch, and listen to just about anything about Ancient Egypt forever and a day. I always find something new and remain fascinated.

Lately I've been exploring the legends of the god Thoth. Ya know him. Thoth is the god with the head of an Ibis. He is credited with creating spoken and written language, as well as, being respected by the other gods for his thoughfulness. Thoth, thought...hmmm!


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lelocolon said...

Thanks I love this, you are always informative. I love the last stanza Thouth, thought, cool.