Sep 13, 2010

Look Who Gets A Time Out

Oh hell to the no! Renee and Aaron knew about Florence and didn't hook a brother up. Go to opposite corners and think about how you could have made better choices.

Renee: But Mr. S.
Me: Take a time out Renee. We share in the blogosphere. Come back when you are ready to tell me why sharing is important.
Renee: But I said my bad.
Me: To the corner.
(Renee sucks her teeth and stomps to the corner with her arms folded)
Me: Did it taste good? Oh, and keep stomping those feet you are only wearing out your shoes.

Aaron: Ha ha!
Me: Aaron, you see that corner on the other side of the room?
Aaron: Yes.
Me: Well, take that corner and you also think about why sharing is important. Mr. Playlist.
Aaron: Ahhh man. I hate this blog. Psss, I don't care.
Me: Oh, so I'm calling home now.
(Aaron briefly mumbles incoherently while sitting at the corner.)
(I give the teacher-stare)
Me: What!?
Aaron: I aint say nothing.


Junior said...

So this isn't the time to tell you that I've been enjoying Florence ever since I started listing to BBC Radio last year, right?

Aaron said...

But but Mr. S (Aaron raises his hand impertinently)
Before the spankings (or better yet paddlins) start. I should direct the good my good teacher to this post from January


(taps foot with a shit eating grin in the corner)

Reneé said...

100 strikes with a wet noodle for me. In my defense I did hook you up with iamamiwhoami. That should at least shave some time off of facing the wall?

lelocolon said...

I am with you all the way on this one.

Allan S. said...

Okay, okay, everyone gets a pardon. Aaron did hook a brother up, and Renee turned it out with iamamiwhoami, and Junior, well, Junior is trying.

Everyone gets a pardon.

Wonder Man said...

Flo is pretty good