Dec 22, 2010

Santo Claus In Action

Yes, Virginia, Santa is Puerto Rican

I went shopping for Christmas presents today. It was not for family or friends. I rubbed my belly and became Santa for a moment because of love I have for two students at my school.

While I was away buying beverages for a mini-Chinese Buffet I put together for all of our students that receive special education services, a parent called with an urgent request.

This wonderful mother that has been trying very hard to take care of her kids, with her husband, was laid-off and said to a my colleague over the phone that Santa would not be coming to her home. Their money was tight paying rent and utilities. Her family is part of the working-poor.

She called me because she knows I have been very kind and caring towards her children. Last week I sent a letter home praising the efforts of their son that is one of my students. I went immediately into action. Santo Claus to the rescue.

A fellow teacher came with me, because homegirl knows how to shop. We picked out a cute PJ set for the girl, and a slamming shirt with matching beanie for the boy.

My fellow teachers also went into action and we will have toys to give to mom and dad for their well deserving children.

Putting my love for others into action brought joy to my heart. I feel so blessed. I wish the same for all the good people that stop by and read this blog.

I know this story will emanate to those that you love. The blessing of this story will multiply and love within our universe will increase.


Anonymous said...

It will multiply, yes indeed.


Stan in NH said...

Great story. Kindness is returned many fold. It's rewarding at the least.

Reneé said...

You are one of the best of the collective "us", Allan. That story made me smile after being bombarded with selfishness yesterday.

Annyanka said...

You are too kind Allan. The world needs more of you. What you did will come back to you threefold. God bless!

Kyle said...

People have more goodness in them than they know. It is too easy to see the bad. It is nice to see the goodness manifest itself, though I wish we could see it more than just during the holidays. Terrific story Allan.