Mar 13, 2011

Heavy Times Require Enlightenment

I'm just looking at what is going on in the world and truly gagging. What is really turning me out is how the earth is sending all kinds of messages that things are not right.

It was tragic to see the devastation in Japan. To see the tsunami waves, made thick by debris, consume fields of various crops and neighborhoods was just horrific.

My jaw dropped. All I can think was that nothing will grow of flourish there for decades. The land had been polluted.

Now, I read that radioactive vapor had to be released into the air from reactor 3, at the nuclear power plant. That vapor is in the air and will flow throughout the rest of the planet.

This development coupled with the tsunami hitting parts of the U.S. and South America truly show how connected and small the planet has always been.

As always, some are saying these are signs of the apocalypse. Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce have been credited with predicting not only the natural devastations, but also the recent shift of the magnetic pole.

According to what apocalypse theory you subscribe to, life on this planet will cease to exist or the human race will experience an enlightenment that bands us together to heal and do things differently.

I'm sending healing vibes out to all with the hope that we do things differently.


Reneé said...

Times like these aren't just Mother Nature's way of issuing a warning. This kind of stuff is also the cosmos way of issuing a warning. Basically, having all the material goods you can carry doesn't matter when the world turns upside down. All that matters is caring and being cared for.

If it is the apocalypse like folks are constantly what. What is sitting around worrying about it going to do to change "lights out time"? Might as well live, love, and enjoy until it's time to go. Just go around giving people hugs and handshakes and telling them that you were glad they were here at the same time you were because it made life fuller.

LigerLily said...

my good thoughts to Japan as well, I appreciate your post!