Mar 17, 2011

The Never-Ending Story Of Our Journey

Don't get it twisted, we have all been further activated. I send much love to my fellow atomic babies. Radiation has always been part of our unseen experience on this planet, and with the recent tragedy in Japan, the volume has been turned up.

Good people, the radiation in Japan has already hit the air and the sea.

With that said, follow Renee's advice and:

"Just go around giving people hugs and handshakes and telling them that you were glad they were here at the same time you were because it made life fuller."

It will get ugly as we pray for the cute. The poison will be in our water and food. Ripple effect in full effect.

When you get back to the god-source, remind the other lights that the life forms on this planet once consumed with respect, but then got selfish and consumed with no respect to maintaining a natural balance.

Please continue to live, love, learn and pass it on. When you transition from this earth-bound experience my hope is that your spirt can realize you did your Godly duty.

1 comment:

Reneé said...

Endless supplies of ice cream and cake in chi chi poo poo restaurants for everybody!

Mother Nature, like any good mom, teaches a hard lesson before saving the kids from themselves. I think moms is giving us one of those "teachable moments" before she wipes the tears and snot off of our faces. ;-)