Jun 14, 2012

Are You Downton Abbey Ready?

As I watch reruns of Downton Abbey, I wonder if I would have had the behavioral instincts, sans training, needed in order to be welcomed within aristocratic society.

After taking the test that is linked below, I realize this pier-queen would have made some heads turn away in disapproval.

Click here to see if your choices would have been approved by the ladies and gentlemen that moved within the Crawleys' social circles. 

Oh and umm, I know you are being tested on Victorian etiquette, rather than Edwardian. With that said, the roots of the rules run deep.


Reneé said...

I got two wrong in each section except the promenade, I got all of those correct. I don't know my final score because the f'n (ladylike) Adobe crashed before I could find out. I watch way too many of these period piece shows so I'm kind of disappointed in getting as many wrong as I did.

Wonder Man said...

Should I be watching this show?