Jun 27, 2012

Madonna....Here Is Your Clue

This is the song and video that Madonna should have been done to stay relevant.

Once again, Iamamiwhoami, ya done did it. Thank you Renee for turning me onto this group some moons ago.


Mitchell is Moving said...

I DO like their/her sound.

Reneé said...

This is one of my favs of their new stuff. Madonna needs to stop hiring advisers who don't have respect for her past to promote her future. She's acting like some kid fighting to be noticed in the club when the club hasn't existed without her for the last 25 years. Her mid-life crisis is massively destructive to her legacy. I say that as someone who isn't a big fan but always had mad respect. She needs to get back to that Ray of Light vibe.

Bob said...

Unless it's 1985.

Junior said...

First, I thank you for introducing me to a great new artist! Second, as for Madonna, I agree with everything you and Renee said. Why she thinks more artistic less cash-grab commercial music won't be successful is beyond me. We know she has a good ear for music and the best producers (I loved "Confessions" too) so make good music and worry about the charts later, Madge!

Wonder Man said...

I agree