Oct 17, 2012

Princess Rei Rei Goes to the Movies - Part 1

I gagged the other day when I was chatting with Princess Rei Rei. I found out that my little, 6'3", sistah from da Bronx had seen very little, if any, classic movies that queens of a certain age, hold near and dear to their hearts. I done fucked up.

The thing is Princess Rei Rei and I have a reciprocal relationship that is firmly grounded in always learning from each other. I am the big sistah at 40-something, and  Rei Rei is the little sistah at 30-something. How is it possible I never told her about the films listed below?

These classic films have the holy trinity of all classic films, a fierce script, brilliant performances, and intelligent direction. Can I get an amen?

Princess Rei Rei has been given viewing orders.

All About Eve

It all started off innocently. Then it became bumpy.

Auntie Mame

Rosalind Russell was a divine woman. She ate the role of Mame Dennis with such relish, that she left me wanting to have an Auntie Mame in my life.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

The ultimate performances of Liz and Dick, gave me the ultimate mind fuck. This film will never leave your system.


Princess Rei Rei said...

Thanks mother... i'm looking forward to seeing these films.

Mitchell is Moving said...

You've started Princess Rei Rei's education with three of the best! I sure hope she's grateful!