Jun 27, 2012

Madonna....Here Is Your Clue

This is the song and video that Madonna should have been done to stay relevant.

Once again, Iamamiwhoami, ya done did it. Thank you Renee for turning me onto this group some moons ago.

Jun 25, 2012

Happy Pride - Take Two

My thoughts on GLBT Pride month and events:
  • My first pride parade was instrumental in helping me begin the process of shedding the self-hate that dimmed my light. I know a few teens out there are going to have the same experience. 
  • Our community in not a monolithic group, yet the media will portray the same images of drag queens, dykes on bikes, and the boys giving body while wearing a Speedo. I love them all; however, the repetition of these images really limits the mainstream public's view of the GLBT community.
  • DADT has been repealed and a solider can be out of the closet in the military. I find it interesting this finally happened during a time when the military has been struggling to meet their recruitment numbers. 
  • I wonder how many parade participants and viewers ended up later that night at a Tina-laced-barebacking-gangbang. Cock rings and Viagra went flying off the shelves. 
  • I can see how many twenty-somethings think of HIV as a chronic condition that is managed with meds. These yungins didn't witness the devastation of the pandemic during the late 80s and early 90s. 
  • During the Black and Hispanic history months, the school district I work in encourages teachers to create lessons plans highlighting the history and contributions of people from these communities. In June, for Gay Pride Month encouraging the acknowledgement of the GLBT histories and contribution is non-existent.
  • Bisexuals are real. I know a few of these folks quite intimately.
  • After the euphoria of the days events are over, I pray that many members of our community will walk away motivated to continue the good fight, not only against homophobia, but also the racism, classism, sexism, body-fascism, ageism, and all the other "-isms" that fester within our community. 

Jun 23, 2012

Timing Is Everything

I had a Hey, Arnold episode posted to give my take on "pride." In the episode the kids coach opens up about his feelings and coaches the boys in a synchronized swimming competition. The number had a cowboy motif, and I thought it was all very gay positive and a be yourself moment.

However, in light of Sanduzky's verdict being announced and his horrible history of being a predator, while coach, I decided to take it down. It seemed in poor taste, and I felt people may not get where I was coming from when I originally posted the clip.

So, that explains the change and stay tuned for my thoughts on pride month.

Jun 14, 2012

Are You Downton Abbey Ready?

As I watch reruns of Downton Abbey, I wonder if I would have had the behavioral instincts, sans training, needed in order to be welcomed within aristocratic society.

After taking the test that is linked below, I realize this pier-queen would have made some heads turn away in disapproval.

Click here to see if your choices would have been approved by the ladies and gentlemen that moved within the Crawleys' social circles. 

Oh and umm, I know you are being tested on Victorian etiquette, rather than Edwardian. With that said, the roots of the rules run deep.