May 30, 2015

Life On The D Bus

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Hey good people, so the other day I, along with some other passengers, had to bear witness to the tragic ending to a love affair between two passengers. It went down like this:

A man and woman get on the bus. Both of them seem upset, the woman's eyes are watery. The man pays his fare and walks briskly to the back of the bus.

Woman: "You not even going to pay for me to get on the bus! What the fuck! I am talking to you! I only have a $20 bill on me!"

(Man sits silently in the rear of the bus.)

Woman: "Does anyone have change?"

(A woman sitting near the front of the bus gives the other woman a dollar.)

Woman: "Thank you."

(Woman walks towards the back of the bus.)

Woman: "I should fuck you up! You are a sorry ass fucking man!" (voice shakes)

(Woman sits down across from the man.)

Man: (whispers) Calm down. Ok. Relax.

Woman: "How the fuck you gonna go into that restaurant knowing you aint got no money and order food for me to then pay for it!? I got kids!"

Man: (whispers) Relax. You need to relax.

Woman: "What kind of fuckin' man are you. I am done with you. I swear on my kids I am done fuckin' with you."

Man: (whispers) Ok. Stop. I only have $12 on my card. Chill.

Woman: Who the fucks does that? Who goes into a restaurant knowing they aint got shit. I got kids motherfucker. I don't need this shit. I am so fucking done with you.

(Bus stops and a woman gets on with a small child about 4 years old.)

Woman: "You lucky there's a baby on the bus. Cause I just wanna fuck you up right now. But, I got kids and that baby don't need to hear all of this."

(Bus travels for five more minutes and arrives at major transfer stop. Man gets up standing next to me and winces, then puts his head down. Man departs from the bus and lights a cigarette and keeps it moving. Woman walks to the front of the bus and requests a transfer. She then exits the bus and walks in the opposite direction of the man.)

Yeah. She done with him!

I felt tremendous sympathy for the woman. It is slim pickin's out there, and sometimes one has to settle for a bit less and hope the person is just a fixer-upper.

Then when it comes to the end it's like a one two punch to your ego. One punch for knowing you settled for less, and another punch for getting played by someone that wasn't even up to par. It aint easy coming to that realization.


Reneé said...

I don't think my post from last night went through, so here goes round two in "learning through experience" thoughts:

She tried to level up someone who wasn't ready and almost ended up being pulled down into his crap. At least she was on public transit and not stuck on I-95 hundreds of miles from home.

Allan S. said...

The bus driver gave her the transfer with the only quickness! I am sure everyone on the bus that saw the spectacle wanted to say, "Yes mama. Make that transfer!"