Jan 13, 2017

Mami Make It Go Away

I knew the Trump situation was going to be a shit show, but I had no idea it was going to include some watersports. The reality of a Trump presidency is reaching new heights of absurdity. Trump has gone for too many years, undiagnosed and untreated.  I am waiting for the pending implosion.

Also, the looks on his grown children's faces speaks volumes. They are gagging that not only is daddy really disliked, he is also really stupid, and really a freak. Those offspring are struggling to reconcile the fantasy of their father with the reality of their father. Oh and they are pissed because they wanted to have a kiki being the princess and princes of D.C. Alas, not really happening.

With all that said, make no mistake I am having moments of mini-panic attacks. At the end of the day he gets sworn in Jan. 20th. He's gonna have time sitting at the desk, in the oval office, and damage can still be done.

I then have thoughts of the real D.C. folks waiting to go in and give this not-one-of-us lunatic a lavish boot out of town via an impeachment. That thought makes me find a happy place.The child in me wants to wake up from this nightmare. Ouch. Pinching didn't help.


Reneé said...

It will be a MESS because stayin or going, these people have ushered in suffering the likes of which they have never seen. I will say, pay attention to what you aren't seeing. I have yet to see members of the Republican Party rush to defend the head of their party this week. Something ugly is coming, so Trump isn't who needs to be focused on. We need to focus on rallying the power to control Pence and Ryan as much as possible. Ryan and the Republican Party are craven, so they will bend to the will of the people if enough of a stink is made about some of their efforts. Proof of this is the fact that Ryan cared to hold a town hall in the first place. Hopefully, Pence will be too tainted by whatever Trump & Co have been up to, so that he can't remain. That guy is a religious lunatic.

It is terrifying how many members of the Trump-ire are supportive of Russian interference because they're white, and open to crushing minorities that don't look like them. They are not patriotic Americans.

Allan S. said...

Very insightful! You always give my brain something to contemplate.