Jul 28, 2008

Jesus Loves Me

So it's official, Alberto, along with his accomplices, broke the law when it came to hiring at the Justice Department. I'm sure what they did was not the first nor the last time this happens at the Justice Department; however, they really made a mess of that office. I'm glad they have all went down the tubes because of their actions.

I'm sure Monica Goodling (pictured above), will find a chapter and verse in her bible to justify her actions. She will tell herself over and over again, like she did when she testified, "I'm a good person." She will ease her mind by saying she only "crossed the line" just a little bit, and quickly stepped back behind.

The lesson to be learned here is that we all have to mind the store. People are playing games up on the Hill, and it needs to stop.


Kitty said...

Too bad the Senate gave her immunity for her testimony. She may be up for perjury charges. She may also lose her law license which I don't see her caring too much about since she's supposedly getting married and soon to settle into her future life as wife and mother. Doing God's work includes lying with one hand on the Bible since when?

Allan S. said...

Ewww, she's gonna breed. I'm glad she got immunity. It made it possible for her to show the world the level of madness going on.

Sam said...

She was an inexperienced kid from 4th rate Regent Univ. law school. It's absurd that she was able to get any kind of Justice Dep't job, much less a very senior, highly responsible position that was created just for her. Her only qualifications were her fundamentalist religion and her blind love for George Bush. She is just one of many, many hacks who have infected the federal government.