Jul 23, 2008

Welcome to the Age of Incarceration

What happens when you lock up 1 in every 100 American adults?

"I spent nearly four years shadowing a woman who'd just been released from prison. She'd been locked up for 16 years for a first-time drug crime, and her absence had all but destroyed her family. Her mother had taken in her four young children after her arrest, only to die prematurely of kidney failure. One daughter was deeply depressed, the other was seething with rage, and her youngest son had followed her lead, diving into the neighborhood drug culture and then winding up in prison himself."

Click here for the full article written by Jennifer Gonnerman. And, the other articles about the impact of mass incarceration of people in this country.


Kitty said...

This is the natural outcome when prisons are listed on the stock exchange. An old Criminal Justice prof of mine said almost 20 years years ago that the inmate population would increase substantially as the system was privatized and generating revenue became the focal point of incarceration. This also includes the privately run halfway houses that are popping up in urban areas within blocks of each other.

Allan S. said...

Thank you Miss Kitty for peeling back another layer to this issue.