Feb 26, 2010

A Snow Day with Millie

Okay, so I am going to reveal, yet once again, my inner-nerd. I was fortunate to have yet another Snow Day. So I took care of some minor plumbing issues with the help of a handy-dandy man, ordered Chinese food, and getting ready to watch one of my favorite films on TCM.

Believe it or not folks, I really get a kick out of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Here is why:

-It's silly
-Has classic songs such as Baby Face
-I love Carol Channing as Muzzy. Raaaspberry!
-An elevator that you have to dance in so it can move.

It's not a pc film, the plot involves Asians selling white women into slavery. I am also aware of the fact there is corn all over the place. However, it makes this bitch happy. Damn! Too bad I didn't get some Tapioca pudding to finish my dinner


Renee said...

we're all silly bitches when it comes to the classics.

Wonder Man said...

I agree

Todd HellsKitchen said...

May you have a Raaaaspberry weekend!!!