Feb 19, 2010

NY Fashion Not Weak

Bravo to the American designers that showed during the NYC Fashion Week. I was really impressed with what came down the runway. Good people, I know the price tag on these clothes are out of many of our reaches. However, look to them for inspiration in terms of color, texture, cut and silhouette, when you go shopping.

Isaac Mizrahi impressed me. I was totally blown away by Marchesa (see image above). Click here for the full spectrum of fashion inspiration.

I also want to share my sadness regarding the death of Alexander McQueen. I love what he did for fashion. I also appreciated he was a child of a working-class family that did the work, put in his time on Saville Row, and created fashion that was truly inspired. I hope his spirit finds peace on the other side.

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

This fashion world is like another planet to me... I feel like an alien...