Oct 7, 2009

Loving The Madness Of It All

A spaceship landed on a Paris runway. On the mothership Alexander McQueen, the alien amazons that live in the deepest oceans of earth, came up for some air.

Get into the next mode of facial augmentations. The prints on the textiles remind me of pieces from Marcos' last show. As for the shoes, they are art that should be displayed but not worn.

Well, actually, the shoes should be worn on special occasions when one is entertaining at home, or needs a chocha moment. I know Alexander pranced around his flat in a pair just for the madness of it all.

Click here to see the video.


lelocolon said...

I will wear those shoes even if I had to be seated on a wheel chair. They are Chocha plus.

Kyle said...

Wow! Those are pretty far out. I like the designs, but I'm not sure how well their distinctiveness will translate into real clothing.

lelocolon said...

Kyle do you know that I have seen ladies in the Bronx wearing some outlandish shoes, and they do it with such at ease. Or at least they show no sign of pain