Oct 21, 2009

A Rare Find

Okay good people, so here's the deal, as a teenager I mostly never, hardly ever posed for photographs. I was so wrapped up in self-hate and felt like I was ugly.

Then you throw into the mix the fact that I was struggling with coming out of the closet. There were some hardtimes to the tenth power, inbetween the many good times.

Recently, I reconnected with another friend from high school, and she had these snapshots (see below) from back when we were students at NYC's High School of Fashion Industries, aka, Fashion! Class of 1986!

I have to say, looking at them now, I regret not capturing more moments from those days on film. Do you know I have not one picture of my escapades on the Christopher Street Piers, kiking at the drag balls, and clubbing with Willie Ninja.

Ugh! It's amazing how we cheat ourselves out of enjoying life when we are grappling with self-hate and doubts about how we are truly beautiful.

Well, thank you Christine for holding on to these pics. It reminded me of how cute it was for us, and will continue to be for the Fashion alumni!

On the left is Christine that had the hookup with the pics. On the right is Joslyn, has become family-of-choice. We are all meeting up this weekend to attend a poetry slam. We be some cultured peoples!

This is me with Richie (far left) and Ralphie (center). People I had the most severe crush on Richie. I craved that boy to the point that I once became physically ill at school. I once even invited him over to watch porn at my neighbors so I can seduce him. Stupid me, left my neighbors apartment to let him in and I locked us out! Curses! Oh and I had gym with Richie. This Dominican brother was hung. I just lusted after him. It was only with Richie that I could imagine wedded bliss.

This is me and Julie. Always a clever, smart, and stylish woman. Because of her, I got to meet Tears for Fears at the old Tower Records in the Village. Notice that I am giving you Banji look. I rocked the leather bomber jacket with a Chams de Baron sweater. And, you know the laces on my Addidas were in a matching grey!

Christine is the divaesque young lady to my right. To my far left is Priscilla, who I always felt looked like a young Diana Ross. There's Julie serving it with Esprit!

Estie, is the young lady sorta crotched down. On my 16th birthday, Estie and I went hanging out in the Village and got drunk on 7 and 7. I later ended up alone, and met up with a man in his 30s and well you know the rest. I told him I was 18!

The scandals good people, the scandals I would get into!


lelocolon said...

I agree with you some of those memories are lost for ever. There will always be new ones.

Princess Rei Rei said...

OMG, gag. Who's that skinny bitch? lol. You look adorable. Let's build a time machine and go back in time. I was fab too back then.

Anonymous said...

OMG. No joke. I was only 4 at the time but I would have so hung out! Put me in a booster seat and let me go to the party!

That was such a wonderful trip back. And Ritchie was hot. Reminds me of Raphael from my elementary school and just like you, I have no pictures!

Kyle said...

Allan I how you feel in this. There are no pictures in existence of me from about 13 to about 21. Lost memories.

Kitty said...

OMG! You got to meet Tears for Fears! I used to love them as a wee teen. Nice pictures from the way back machine.

Wonder Man said...

oh the old days and the crushes! I feel you, I had such an unhealthy crush on my best friend.

libhom said...

When young gay men are in the closet, they feel undesirable. When they come out, they find out just how in demand they are.

It's so ironic.

Joy said...

I have years without pictures, too, and not sure why. Part of the time it was after my divorce, and I couldn't afford a camera. In college, we just didn't take that many pictures.

You were and are a real cutie!

Allan S. said...

Thank you Joy! I've also learned to accept a compliment when given. I'm convinced we get better as we get older, if we do the work!