Oct 1, 2009

Lady Z Is Traveling On

Back in July, I had posted that my boss had been diagnosed with cancer. This past Friday she passed on. We were shocked because she was actually scheduled for surgery that day, and was hopeful that continued treatment would be successful. She never made it to the operating room.

She was such an interesting woman. She loved the arts, culture and community activism. She was also very spiritual and had a deep involvement with astrology and the mystic arts. Most of her rituals incorporated traditions based on her African ancestry.

I worked along side her for three years, and even when we butted heads, we always managed to get to a better place quickly. She worked really hard in her own way to make a difference. Today, at her memorial service, many artists and poets got up to express their gratitude for their time with her.

I also went up and talked about how she told me to never leave money on the table, which refers to taking advantage of opportunities. She also said in her last few weeks that a person thrives by living within his or her purpose. Amen to both of those words of advice.

I also shared a story of how she would engage us in very intriguing discussions on politics and culture while at work. When students would enter our room, she would say "Shhhh, we are in the cornfields. There are ears around us."

I wish her spirit a safe journey to what the divine has waiting for her.


Joie Mayfield said...

Sorry to hear of your loss! :(

I've missed reading your blog. I hope you're well, sir.

lelocolon said...

Allan papito I love you. You are such a great man. and guess what the world verification is palroad. and that is you My road pal.

Kyle said...

Allan I'm sorry to here about her sudden death. She sounds like she was quite a woman. take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, that is so sad to hear. Good that everyone was able to come together and honor what seems like a very interesting and divine woman.

Kitty said...

Sorry for your sudden loss.

Kwalo said...

Z definitely touched us..I will continue to miss her deeply..

Wonder Man said...

sorry about your loss, my heart goes out to you