Oct 17, 2009

I Smell Another Piece of Bullshit

Levi and his, ummm, manager

Okay, so far I am 1 for 1 on the foolishness of people. I called Balloon Boy. That was a piece of cake. Now, the one really hard to detect, is the pending drama with Levi and his manager. Here is the reality:

- Levi is getting ready to pose for Playgirl. Posing for Playgirl is only worth while if you are a star, got caught by the paparazzi, or want a future in gay porn.

- This is not good for Levi, who has expressed a desire to be a model and actor. Bad career move.

- He is posing for Playgirl because his manager advise him to do it. Why? Because his manager is a undercover lover of cute young men and wants to see Levi's valley of good and plenty.

- This will end with Levi appearing on Larry King, talking about how his manager made advances on him and revealed that he was secretly craving Levi all this time.

I saw this kinda bullshit all the time when I worked for a hot minute, as a booker in a modeling agency, in between jobs.


Wonder Man said...

you know, I see that too.

Bob said...

Levi is next up on Celeb Rehab.

Joy said...

We heard it here first! :-)