Oct 27, 2009

What I Am Craving

Back in the early 90s, there was a middle eastern restaurant on Atlantic Ave, in Brooklyn, called Moustache. My favorite dish was a pitza (yes, pizza made from pita), called a Lahambajin.

This pitza was made from freshly made pita, and on top was ground lamb with tomatoes, parsley and a lovely array of spices. It would come out of the oven steaming, with a thin, crispy crust. It was awesome. I want one, like, NOW!

I've heard there are still in business but relocated to the East Village. I plan on going there on my next visit to NYC. I'm hoping it will still be the same divine experience.


Kitty said...

I think I might need a piece of that myself.

Allan S. said...

Miss Kitty, you don't understand. This pitza rocks! I'm thinking I need to work on duplicating it in my kitchen. If I am successful, you will be the second to know. The first will be my tastebuds.

lelocolon said...

I rember those, but not a fan here remember I do not eat lamb.