Oct 15, 2009

Smells Like A Stunt To Me

I'm going to be cynical and say this was a publicity stunt by the parents. With the demise of Jon & Kate, they saw yet another opportunity to get back on TV. This family was once on an episode of Wife Swap.

The child was never in the balloon, and Daddy knew it. He wanted to show off his balloon, and get the cameras on his camera-ready family. He even posted videos on Youtube, of his family chasing storms, and his boys rapping.

Mark my words, they will have a show on Discovery or TLC in the very near future. Whatever!


Aaron said...

Something about the whole story as it was unfolding struck me as off. Then when i found out who the family was i knew it even before the balloon came down. I have seen two episodes of wife swap (honest!) and this family was one of them.

The Dad is a bit narcissistic and 100% insane and his wife is a total enabler. The whole family was a train wreck.

It makes one yearn for the days when fame was based on talent and not insanity

lelocolon said...

Will be nice if they get investigated. And had bear dad arrested, for fabricating a story like that. Dad register queer to me.

Kitty said...

That six year old was on TV throwing up all morning because his nut-job daddy spent all of last night yelling at him for messing up future profits by getting to chatty on The Larry King Show last night. CYS needs to take a long hard look at the parents after some of the stuff started coming out about the dad through past acquaintances of his. He has a video whining about females not knowing how to look and act. He loves that his wife is Japanese because she knows how to treat a man...total control freak misogynist.

Kyle said...

Allan, I thought something seemed off about this "family" as soon as the story broke. Knowing that they were on TV makes me makes me even more suspicious of their motives.

Wonder Man said...

this sad how they pimped their kids like this