Oct 3, 2009

Izzy Living Within His Purpose

Often the universe offers us opportunities to remember we are divine beings. We are at our most divine when we share our uniqueness honestly, without fear, and with the hope that we remind that person in front of us, that he or she is loved, because we are all connected.

No one prospers at the suffering of another. The natural outcome of that scenario is our eventual downfall.

When we share our gifts, we assist each other with our journeys. We are capable of offering sanctuary to each other. To provide sanctuary is divine.

In providing this divine act, we begin to build an inner strength. We realize that we are not alone. You and I are the true church.

We are capable of healing each other, understanding each other, guiding each other, and loving each other. We are capable of making molecules vibrate between us, so that we can communicate and connect.

My darling Izzy, who I have mentioned in previous posts, had another moment to solidify this lesson. Izzy has had a long career of sharing his light with others.

Take a look. He is referred to as Israel in the video. He was reminded by a young spirit that their meeting was divine intervention.


lelocolon said...

Woa, and to think that I went to bed all depress. This was awesome. I got misty. You see when this is one of those moments when being an art teacher makes me feel so proud, because it has a beautiful ripple effect. And to top it all, to see izzy, love it. Say hi, to Mr. Celebrity for me. Thanks for a great Post. I can wait for my weekly review now.

Kitty said...

That was a really terrific piece.

Wonder Man said...

i agree.