Sep 26, 2009

Behind The Fairytale 1

The work of Dina Goldstein has inspired me to write the following tales to go along with her amazing images:

After her very public and scandalous divorce from Prince Charming, Cinderella has all but disappeared from the public eye. While she does the occasional appearance at Disney World, she is living a life away from the spotlight.

Recent rumors about Cindy's, as she knows prefers to be called, decline into a life of addiction, have gone viral on the Internet.

The lives of Snow White and her Prince drastically changed after their lavish wedding. After a military coup removed them from power, they were exiled, and have struggled to create a new life in the suburbs of Yonkers, NY.

When asked, in a recent interview with BBC, about how she has changed over the years, Snow said, "I still make wishes. However, I'm not as naive and face the realities of life the best way I can."

Her relationship with the seven dwarfs has become estranged, when she became a devout Christian. In the same interview, Snow had shared that she prays for the dwarfs, so that they may be delivered from a lifestyle that is "deviant in the eyes of our lord and savior."

After abdicating her throne, Ariel found life with Prince Eric to be a tremendous disappointment. Eric's workaholic ways, and philandering propelled her into an emotional downward spiral.

This spiritual demise left her feeling voiceless, yet once again. In an effort to regain some connection to her authentic self, she decided to end the bitter marriage and move on. Her divorce to Prince Eric was made final on December 8, 1995.

Her return to life under the sea was bittersweet. Her father, King Triton, had passed away, and she faced legal issues from Ursula regarding her breach of contract.

Today, Ariel can be seen performing at Sea World in Orlando, Florida. She has become a dedicated advocate for environmental causes, and plans on speaking at the U.N. regarding the development of policies that will save Australia's Great Barrier Reef.


lelocolon said...

Awesome. Great I love this madness.

Kyle said...

Hi Allan, loved your commentary/interviews with the characters. very humorous, but very politically/socially charged. I saw the first in this series, but had not seen the rest. Dina Goldstein's fallen princesses series is amazing! Her take on Belle and Jasmine are perfect social commentary. Thanks for the post and the link.

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Those were great!!