Sep 4, 2009

Make Sure They Got It Right

For the most part I've been living a life on the verge of being outside of the lines. However, I'm for the most part radical when I create in the kitchen.

I bet, if I do have an FBI file, that the file contains a solitary post-it note with the term "free thinker" written on it. Then again during the Georgie W's administration, I would not be surprised if a file was made for everyone, because, well, they were just that type of administration.

So, if any of you have the slightest interest in knowing what they think, they know about you, here are some how-to tips from the good folks over at


lelocolon said...

Good I know I have a big file. But I want to see it, no matter what. Thanks for the heads up

Joy said...

Let me know if any of you do this and have one. Why would I have a file with them, I wonder? I'm scared to check.

lelocolon said...

I was arrested once because of protesting welfare reform and I was a homeless advocate and got into a lot of beef with officials in New York City

Kitty said...

I would love it if I had a file. I've called Tendolla in China and wired him funds once so hopefully (fingers crossed) I'm down as some pinko Commie, socialist, Maoist type anarchist. I get stopped for the deep checking at airports following 9/11 so I've always felt hopeful that I was one step away from the "No Fly" list.