Sep 12, 2009

Serena! What Just Happened?

Good people, the women's semi-final match with Serena Williams and Kim Clijsters ended in controversy. Serena got called for a foot fault and exchanged words with the lines person. So Serena cursed out the lines person. Serena used the word fuck so many fucking times and with passion. This violation, plus Serena crushing her racquet earlier, cost her a game where she was being challenged.

In the world of tennis that is not a good thing. Let's not forget this was once a sport of the gentile crowd. Serena had to take a point violation. Game over.

Serena handled the post-press conference well. She gave Kim props for her game, and didn't let the press pull her into an awkward hole. Was she evasive? Maybe. However, the press feed off of other people's personal drama. Good on you Serena. Don't let them play you.

Stay tuned.


Joy said...

Sounds like John McEnroe back when. He had tantrums often.

lelocolon said...

It will be nice if people will learn to tolerate does of us that enjoy to curse. I think that people that curse have a good inner spirit trapped in them that loves to come out and play. So I am not surprised about Serena. I kind of like her more now that I know that she curses too, especially the fuck word I love it.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I love to curse.

Wonder Man said...

she just had a moment