Sep 24, 2009

True Story

Many moons ago, a co-worker and I had a conversation about Darwin's theory of evolution. She was a devout Christian and her view of how man came to be was firmly rooted in the idea of Creationism. This was way before the idea of Intelligent Design was being put out there.

I on the other hand was very much wrapped up into Darwin's ideas, and kept referring to the fossil record that shaped the theories of science.

She told me with the utmost sincerity that the Devil, put the fossils in the ground to confuse us. At that point the conversation was over. She told me have a blessed day, and I wished her the same.

Lord have mercy!


Kyle said...

Hey Allan, welcome back! I love it when christian conservatives use this flawed argument. According to their own beliefs, only their god has the ability to create. Lucifer, the great fallen angel, can't create anything. Lucifer can only entice, persuade, or if you must, trick. She probably means well, but has never been exposed to anything other than the talking points of her church.

Kitty said...

Did you hear about Kirk Cameron's plan to hand out The Origin of Species with a 50 page insert on Creationism and anti-Darwin propaganda? Some Romanian girl took him apart on You Tube. Kirk's a little obsessive and when folks are like that I always wonder what they're hiding or running from.

lelocolon said...

I am one of those that reject christian creationism and
Dawin's theory. However I have to give you props your silence, in this situation is a sign of acceptance, not defeat. I would have made her life so miserable and then open the window for her to jump.

Joy said...

Oh good grief! This makes me crazy!

You did so well restraining yourself. It doesn't do any good to try to convince them about reality.