Feb 10, 2010

Snow Day

I had a snow day from work today. Which means I got to chillout and do my own thing. I'm sure my students were busy texting all day without having me reprimand them. Everybody is happy.

I went to the gym, which was a good thing, the days started out rocky.

I was inspired by Todd to share some of my own random thoughts:

- My cat Geronimo has been working my last nerve. He is giving me another aerobic workout with my doorman duties.

- Gino had a blast bouncing around in the snow. I love that dog. He makes me smile just when I need it.

- The locker room at the gym was such a turn on today. What a wonderful display of the human body and it's many variations. The hottest was a 50-something daddy. Woof!

- I realize I do a lot of positive visualizations and it make my aspirations come my way. Mind you, I also do the work needed to make these goals happen.

- I'm way overdue for a visit to my friend that is battling breast cancer. I just gave myself an eye-roll and sucked my teeth. Amdends will be made asap. I adore her.


Junior said...

Love a good snow day. Seems like you also got more done in 24 hours than I even started!

libhom said...

I love older musclebottoms.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

50-something Daddy, eh?