Jul 4, 2010

When Puppetry Goes Wrong

Oye, Michael Steele, this article urged me to tell you the signs that show when you are a puppet:

- You go into life with knowing half the story, yet you signed up for a one-sided world view and left unbalanced.

- You accept a culture and systematic approach that spreads a lie that some are better than others. You then to choose to be on the side of the ones that are deemed better by a lopsided world view.

- You mingle among a circle of people that say you are better than your brother man, because, you have obtained the speech, tone, and form that is most pleasing, while delivering their message.

- You understand the acceptance of the inner-circle is conditional, and you condition yourself to be acceptable.

- You see faces that smile at you bet yet never really know you.

- You choose to let others take your unique you to redefine you.

- You get talking points which at times you are not sure if you agree, then you are consoled by them by being told to look at it from the unbalanced perspective tethered to their clear agenda.

- You finally find yourself pulled in many different directions, and not feeling grounded.

- You are told to apologize to Rush Limbaugh.

At this point you have become the puppet. Don't step down, just step forward, release the strings and go from puppet boy to man.

Activists are often born from places where they were robbed of their intellect, humanity and voice.


Reneé said...

I knew kids like Micheal Steele whose parents would check the pedigree of everyone in the room to determine who was worth speaking to and who should be ignored. Those kids didn't know how to interact with anyone they didn't have to bow and scrape to in order to make it to the in-crowd. Mike doesn't understand that the people that want you to be their sycophant are never going to let you in the club and the in-crowders that don't like sycophants will barely tolerate you. I believe that Michael Steele is a lonely man in his heart because he doesn't know who he is beyond being an ass-kisser to power.

lelocolon said...

I think that the real reason why so many republicans do not respect him is because his face smells like ass.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

He's no puppet... He's a dummy!!!

Todd HellsKitchen
Postcards from Hell's Kitchen

bunnilove said...

Well said Renee! Folks like that are indeed very lonely...

I actually knew of a party that was thrown in Brooklyn that required the attendees to print their ADDRESSES on a sticker to determine whether the block you lived on made you worthy to talk to!

Your post, Renee, made me recall that.