Jul 17, 2010

Slash and Burn

When I saw this recent clip of Chris, and thought about the video he posted before it, I saw a high-riding bitch slashing and burning, so that something new can grow. I'm glad he put down Barbie, or in his case Britney.

You have to be careful when slashing and burning. The journey should start at realizing that the forest has become to thick and entangled, and prevents you from being able to sow and harvest the things that will nourish you. You can't wipe it all away, because, in the small spaces there are rare things that are good.

My suggestions is to do it gradually and after careful consideration. There is good stuff in each of us, a lot of it, and we can't just think it all has to disappear. At the end of the day we choose a new path, we never truly start all over again. Instead the reality is one moves forward with an informed-hope.

I did this a few years ago, and started this blog in order to guide me through the process. I would be perfect, if it wasn't for me being human. Therefore, the me with flaws is focused on thriving, living within a purpose and being authentic; my version of perfection.


Reneé said...

I like his big boy haircut...time to start working on "self" instead of imitating others.

Wonder Man said...


bunnilove said...

This is interesting, and it made me want to really meditate on this, to great music of course...

This journey is so hard Allan, it at times brings tears to my eyes. Slashing and burning...hmmmm....there are moments that I want to burn it all away, start fresh. But I get that split second of clarity, and realize the very thing that you mention: the small spaces that rare and precious and genuine. And you don't want to destroy those things.

Slashing and burning does requires careful consideration. But careful consideration requires confrontation and honesty and compromise. Things that I'm finding sorely lacking in many folks. There is mighty good stuff in all of us, but how to integrate it is the challenge. What to slash and burn is the big 64,000 question. How many people have met, good people, that are so entangled and blinded by those things that choke out the fertile ground that nourish us?

A new path based upon "informed-hope"....so simple, yet so complex and lovely.

I had to write a paper once for school, it was worth 20% of my grade, so you know I worked my ass off for it, and I had another professor read it after I handed it in and got graded on it. He liked my writing, so he was curious about it. He said he genuinely enjoyed it, but thought it was quite personal. Now I don't blame him for thinking that putting your feelings out there could result in the possibility that folks might think that you're weak and up for taking advantage of. It's a popular thought. But I told him that in my experience has taught me something different: I'm so confident in my flawed humanness, that I'm truly stronger for it. I've achieved perfection in authentic imperfection.

I get it Allan: your journey, your blogging, you...slashing and burning is a constant process: the weeds can come back so quickly. But the ground it leaves behind is so very fertile, it's really worth it.