May 27, 2010

This Is Where Chris Is At

Chris Crocker helped me to kiki when I needed it. I sometimes check in on the young thang.

When I viewed her recent post, I felt that she reminded me of the transition from child to adult.

She also reminded me how we often have to look at ourselves, accept what needs to be understood, and understand who we are now, can be, and will be.

I pity anyone that does not know they are a creation in progress that is needed in the world.

Keep on, keeping on Chris. Do life with love while soaking it all in.

Put your contemplation into action. I believe you will choose actions that will help the world go round with love and truth.


Anonymous said...

Love Chris. He release a second single at some point in time that was much more emotional and personal than the first. Here's hoping she makes it!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Hey Man...!! Thanks for the thoughtful post!

Reneé said...

Brilliant. I was so glad when that child left L.A. I knew it wasn't what he wanted, but I knew it was what he needed in order to engage in real introspection and personal growth, which it has done.

lelocolon said...

Love it. Love it love it. S/he is such a significant figure.