May 23, 2010

You Can't Make This Shit Up 2

Johnny Weir cracks me up. I get that she is having a kiki, but darling let's take another approach. One can be very scandalozo without looking like you are from Sesame Street.

Why did the image of her being perched on a fist later that evening while wearing the jacket just popped into my head? I can hear her telling the rentboy that she was feeling in a very Miss Piggy mood.

Ya know someone was fired at the Children's Television Workshop, for selling her those muppet skin remnants.

Octomom is kinda sorta using her fading celebrity for good. She is speaking out against breeding. I want to say something shady, but I just feel sad for her. It is the sabbath and one should keep it holy.

I didn't even blink when the opportunity to throw shade at Woody presented itself.

"While promoting his movie at Cannes, Woody says that Roman has already been "embarrassed by the whole thing" and "has suffered" enough. Woody went on to say that Roman is "an artist and is a nice person" who "did something wrong and he paid for it." Roman quickly issued this response, "Woody, you're not helping." - Source:


Reneé said...

"...image of her being perched on a fist later.." Bwahahaha! You know it. Pedophiles stick together because that's how they keep their International rings tight. Soon Yi and those two daughters (shudder) of theirs, one adopted (shudder), will be back at Mama Farrow's when that dried up piece of gristle isn't around to reinforce his brainwashing techniques. That sad situation is going to get a lot sadder if he's still around when those girls hit the teen years that he and Roman love to destroy so much.

Wonder Man said...

Lord, that's hot mess on parade

Joy said...

It's tragic.