May 30, 2010

A Tree Grows In Connecticut

Good people, three and a half years later, I finally walked across the stage and received my degree! I done graduated y'all. I am also receiving my Special Education (K-12) certification. This means a pay raise and employment options.

I earned an Associates back in my twenties, and took almost ten years to go back and get my B.S. The time, place and people to make it possible came when it was right. I went into this experience wanting to thrive.

I would have not made it without the love and support of Marcos, Mami, Jenny, Anthony, Izzy, Yoselin, Devon, Princess Rei Rei, Joslyn, and many more. Each of these people motivated me to keep on keeping on, despite the challenges, doubts, and fears.

What was different this time around, being a student of a certain age, is the following:

- I didn't feel the need to be the smartest one in the room. Therefore, I learned from others while enjoying the experience.
- I was guided by a clear purpose and direction.
- My maturity allowed me to center myself when I needed to do so.
- My life-experiences gave me essential skills that enabled me to get the work done.

I move forward in my purpose and with a continued commitment to being a life-long learner. I wish you all the same.


lelocolon said...

I am proud of you

Junior said...

CONGRATULATIONS ALLAN! I am so happy for you and also happy for anyone who has you in the classroom! I know you will make a fantastic educator if you choose that route!

Whatever you do I know will be blessed!

Reneé said...

Congratulations again! WOot WoOT!

Joy said...

Congratulations! Welcome to the profession! We need good teachers who make a difference. You echo the Oxford Scholar from The Canterbury Tales - "and gladly would he learn and gladly teach."

Kyle said...

Allan congratulations! (Standing ovation and lots of clapping!)You really had to work hard by all accounts, so this day must taste sweet.