May 2, 2010

A Worker Bee-Weekend

I've been a busy bee this weekend. I was able to summon the energy to get a couple of important things done. Among the task accomplished included:

- Submitting the image above to the NYT's photojournalism project called A Moment in Time. The concept is for thousands of people to send in an image they captured on camera on the same day, at the same time. The Times will then create an "international mosaic" of all of the images.

I felt it was my duty to make sure Gino was going to be included. So, there he is on the back porch getting ready to head out and explore the world one sniff at a time.

- Gino kept watch over me as I hanged the laundry. I did all of the intimate apparel and my work drag. I love it when I go into the work week with fresh clean clothes and downy soft delicates.

- I finally tamed the beast. My kitchen was a hot mess for far too long. I summoned my inner-Alice, and you can now eat off the floor. However, that won't be necessary, I also scrubbed down the mountain of dishes in the sink. It took longer then it needed to, because I kept admiring my reflection on the squeaky clean dinner plates.

- I bought journal books for my boys at school. When I'm through with them they are going to be writers! The books are cool. They have Spiderman on the cover, with a lock and key. You gotta have a gimmick to reel them in.


lelocolon said...

Oh Ginito looks so adorable and yes you did worked very hard this weekend. Thank you for the hard work.

Wonder Man said...

cute puppy and the journal idea is so good