May 8, 2010

Guerrero Rojo To The Rescue

So, as I am walking to the store today, I see a stray dog roaming the streets. It is a hefty pit bull mix. I stop in my tracks to access the situation. The dog comes up to me wagging his tail. I put my hand out and he is friendly.

He then walks up to a house and starts to whimper. I put him in the backyard and knock on the door. A woman comes out startled and I say "I just let a dog into your yard. Does he belong to you?" She tells me no and looks afraid, and asks me to let him out. I then call the cops and keep the dog by my side to keep him from running into the a two lane street.

The cop pulls up a few minutes later and I tell him what is going on. At this point a few folks in the neighborhood gather around. The cops gets on the radio and speaks to his Sergent and is told, I'm not making this up, "Let the dog roam around." I say to the cop, "That is not a solution. What if this dog gets hit by a car, or causes a car accident, or attacks someone walking their dog, etc. etc." The cop says "I understand, but our K-9 unit doesn't work on weekends and we don't have a kennel at the station." He then drives off!

So, I put the dog into a fenced off yard and call the animal shelter, and the police again to say where the dog is at. I leave disgusted with humanity.

I head to the store to buy the dog some food and water, and as I walk back, two guys that were at the scene are talking to a third guy. We begin talking about the absurd non-solution offered by the cops, and the new guy in the picture says, I'm not making this up, "Hey, I know the guy who runs the K-9 unit, let me call him and get him to pick up the dog." I head back to the dog happy.

As I approach the house, I see two guys out front with a car parked. They and the car were not there before. I ask them "Do you live here?" They say, "Yes." I then head over and explain the situation. They were very cool about it, and I offer them the bag of food and water for the dog, and one of the guys says, "My mother lives up the road, and she has a dog. She'll come over later and give the dog some food and water." My faith in humanity is restored.

I then come home and stand tall with my feet apart, chest high and clenched hands at my waist, while my cape billows in the wind. Guerro Rojo saves the day yet again!


A. What possessed me to get cozy with a pit bull mix! It could've been ugly.
B. I wonder if some of the folks thought it was my dog and I was abandoning it.
C. Yup, this is how my mind works.


Reneé said...

Pitbulls are only as bad as the people who raise them. That puppy obviously comes from love and not abuse and he's just looking for his mom or dad. I hope he wasn't dumped because they couldn't afford him anymore and that whoever he belongs to comes and claims him or he gets taken in by some good folks. Oh, and way to be a superman to all creatures great and small, Allan.

lelocolon said...

wow I love doggies any kind of doggie. I am glad that you responded to the situation. Years ago I hit a wild goose and felt really bad I cold the cops about it and they told me to call the animal rescue department. I felt so bad but what I notice is that he had a group company next to it; for healing or for dying.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Good doogy deeds!

Wonder Man said...

look at you being a hero