Mar 20, 2012

Haikus: From Me, To You

This first day of Spring has put me in the mood for writing Haikus.  Good people, here I go again. I hope you enjoy.


the earth starts to breathe
a supple world of new life
blooms around our feet

House Chores

over and over
the goal to be clean and neat
a task with no end

Smart Phone

touch, swipe, choose an app
world wide web at my command
I am George Jetson


Reneé said...

Thank you, Allan. It was 81 degrees in Pittsburgh today...summer is going to suck so hard this year. I may even swoon a time or two just because it will be completely appropriate to do so.

bunnilove said...


I see him and yearn

Wanting leaves me frustrated

Heart warms but arms cold