Mar 8, 2012

I'm 44, And I Can Kick, And Stretch

I made it good people! I have been on this planet for 44 years. In numerology 44 is a master number, therefore, this should be a year of me having the potential to achieve material and financial accomplishments.

I have never been a truly materialistic person, however, some financial stability would be nice. I want the freedom and experiences that come from being financially liquid. It would be nice to get my broke off and be able to live a little.

With that said, here are some thoughts on life in my mid-forties:

  • It is so weird to hear the music of my teen-years being played at the local Stop & Shop supermarket. The most surreal moment was hearing Prince's Little Red Corvette, while I picked out   bell peppers. 
  • I am still kinda gag a bit when people call me "sir."
  • I feel sorta silly about not knowing how to drive. "I'm a New Yorker, fear's my life." 
  • Thank you mami for taking me to see Bob Fosse's Dancin' when I graduated the sixth grade. Seeing a Fosse show, as my first Broadway show, made me a theatre queen. 
  • I have to be mindful how I share my opinion when twenty-somethings talk to me. I don't want to become that know-it-all older dude. I learned to share  experiences, and then dropping my wisdom in a way that is not judging their accumulation of experiences as an adult. 
  • I have become really good at striking up casual conversations with total strangers. Moreover, I don't really get bent out of shape if it doesn't go well. 
  • I still cherish my biological family and inner-circle of friends that have become my other family.
  • Ewww, to the little aches, pains and growing ear hair. WTF!
  • I miss Marcos everyday, but I know his spirit is going through a divine metamorphosis. 
  • If I ever have a 28" waist again, it means that something is seriously wrong. 


Reneé said...

Congrats on hitting 44! Co-sign on just about everything you said, except for the ear hair. That must be a boy thing. Remember, you aren't getting old, you're getting older...and that's a fabulous thing. I'm going to cut up on my 50th.

Anonymous said...

Happy 44 years, Allan! First of all, your list is me now which means I need to make some important life decisions soon and B) your list shows how wonderful you've already been for the first 44 years!

Wonder Man said...

I hope you had a great Birthday

Mitch Block said...

Oh, belated wishes for a very happy birthday and an amazing year filled with all you hope for!

I STILL get confused when someone refers to me as Mr. Block (that was my father) and I'm a lot older than 44.

I've actually heard Lou Reed's "Take a Walk on the Wild Side" playing as Musak in a supermarket!