Apr 18, 2012

A Hiccup In The Matrix...Sorta.

twilight zoneOkay, so the 1940 Census is available online for anyone to search. Click here for access.

I was curious and wanted to find family members on it, however, you can't search by name.

The search engine requires that you look up folks by state, town and house address. I am working on getting that information.

So, I became curious about who lived in my childhood home in Brooklyn, and who lived in my house here in Hamden. What I found was very intriguing.

It turns out that in the exact apartment where I grew up, there lived a family that had two daughters, Jennie and Tina.

Now gag on this, my sister is named Jenny and her best friend growing up was Tina.

My sister Jenny and Tina grew up together in that apartment playing with dolls, listening to music, gossiping and getting dressed for a night out. We lived there till we were in our late teens.

Now, in the house where I live, there was a family that had a 3 year old son named Stuart Allan. Yes, his middle name is or was Allan and it is spelled the same way I spell mine.

What are the odds of this type of coincidence? What does this mean? What do you guys think?


bunnilove said...

There are some mysteries that even I have a hard time understanding. What you found out out was beyond intriguing. There are no coincidences in life, but why we find ourselves where we are at certain points in our lives still leaves me guessing. But let me say this: the information you found just underscores how the threads that run through us all are long and fluid, and we should stop to realize how interconnected we are as a race of humans, instead of fighting for the belief of how different we are from one another. Let's just accept that the round peg goes into the round hole and be thankful for that.

Allan S. said...

amen woman!