May 3, 2012

A Mom and Her Family in Crisis

Today I had a PPT meeting with a single-parent that is having major challenges with her three children.

At one point my heart sank as I looked at her face, which to me, conveyed totally exhaustion and regrets for many of the choices she has made in her life.

At one point her three-year old clenched his fist and gestured as if he was going to punch her, after she had reprimand him for crawling under the conference table. Everyone in the room told that child, "No!"

She really is trying her best to make things better. She has support services in place for her and her sons.

I plan on continuing to encourage her to remain consistent in showing up for these services, and hope this support makes a difference in their lives.

I also hope that she finds a new and improved version of herself. May she find a different way of being and thrive in her life.

May she cast to the side the belief that someone that suffers on this plane will get her rewards in the next life. Get yours now mamita!

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Junior said...

What you said is what you really hope for her, and additionally, I hope she learns to develop patience knowing that while it's hard now, this is just a moment of her life.

p.s. you, Allan, are a really good person and I think that also needs to be said.