May 24, 2012

On This Day, Marcos Landed

My Darling,

On this day, in 1960 your spirit came to this place called Earth. You landed on Puerto Rico.

Within the beauty of the motherland, your tender spirit saw ugly.

It came in the form of homophobia, corruption, poverty, and grounded spirits struggling with addictions fueled by fear and anger.

You my darling, was brave enough to move beyond that reality.

Darling, you pursued the goal of learning, when most decided to give up.

The blessing was you were able to nurture a loving extended-family of choice. We miss you so much, but still feel your love.

It give me great pleasure to tell you that your family of blood and spirt are united. We are bonded by knowing who you were, and what your spirit gave us.

You lead a life dedicated to speaking out, loud, and proud for the people that had been silenced. Watch us as we make this belief grow and make a difference.

Your are triumphant! As an art teacher you inspired young people to look for beauty, express their own unique voice, and be themselves.

What I will do, and many that were touched by you? We will honor you by putting to practice the messages you gave us.
  • Learn everyday.
  • Shed the voices of oppression.
  • Believe what we see in each other and offer our own light in support of helping each other out.

I feel you watching over me.  I remain forever grateful.

On the day you were born, we will see art, eat amazing food, listen to sublime music, and remember you.



Reneé said...

That was beautiful, Allan. On what he couldn't have known were some sucky days for me, Marcos always managed to say something that made me feel cute. I miss his comments, but I know he's moved on to greater greatness.

Junior said...

I know Marcos will always be around you so I will simply say Happy Birthday!

Annyanka said...

That was very pretty Allan. I'm sure he knows how you feel.

Todd HellsKitchen said...