Aug 2, 2012

Just The Tip of the Iceberg

So, Chick-fil-a's CEO let his homophobic slip show and everyone has been in a tizzy over the past few weeks.   He's don't like the idea of gay folks attaching the word marriage to their life-long commitments to love each other.

All I can say is as a tax paying, law abiding, citizen of this country, I want full participation and not an ounce of discrimination when it comes to my pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Don't fuck with my constitutional rights; bitches.

Oh and by the way, if we dugged deeper, we would find that most corporations both big and small have spread their money and influence in ways we would not like.

Think about the businesses that are exploiting workers, polluting the planet, and nickel and dime-ing us for points.

To keep you good people from getting overwhelmed, let's keep the focus on Chick-fil-a

Renee summed it all up: click here

Viktor is fed up: click here

And, this queen done tore it up:


Reneé said...

Thanks for the hat tip.

The culture warrior battle skirmishes fought with unproductive consumption is fucking hilarious to me. At the end of the day this is all money in the bank for this family since the company is still private:

"The chicken chain has a value of at least $4.3 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg"

What part of that did those fools yesterday get?...The greasy napkin part.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is a little bit of a mixed bag for me because I think this company should of course receive all the haterade in the world for their views, but this has also brought them so much attention I'm sure other companies will soon follow suit.

I never knew this place existed (born in NY, lived in NY all my life) before this story. It's amazing free press over an issue that A LOT of people would be happy to support solely because they believe it too. It's a pickle.

Wonder Man said...

Yeah, I'm over this because the message seems a bit lost