Aug 9, 2012

My Thoughts on Marriage

Back in 1947, Rita Hayworth did a little song and dance number in the film Down To Earth, that explored an alternative to the one man, one woman marriage. All parties truly were thinking about their own needs.

Most people rarely get married because of the sanctity of the institution of marriage. I believe our temporary earth-bound spirits get married because of a combination of reasons, like:
  • companionship
  • lust
  • finances
  • societal pressures
  • fear
  • hope
  • pregnancy
  • wanting a second mother or daddy
  • ego
  • taxes
  • breeding
  • control
  • fidelity
  • safety
Oh, and of course there is love. Ahh, love. Nature and nurture gave us the ultimate mind fuck. 

The marriage ritual usually attached to this practice gives us the hope that the promise is sacred, therefore, a source of protection, affirmation, and feeling you have a life-long beloved.

That is the job of rituals.  Rituals make our spirit's attempts of being protected by the divine seem possible in our very terrestrial experience.  

Which is why I appreciate rituals. Many of us feel the need to reconnect our divine part within us, to the divine outside of us. I also believe there is power in rituals.

Many members of the GLBT want the word marriage attached to their ritual, as well as, the legal rights attached to it. 

Keep up the good fight. In the meantime, say to the outside world:
  • I am married.
  • This is my wife.
  • This is my husband.
  • This is my family. 
  • These are our children.
If people questions it, you come for them and explain what you have committed yourself to is no different from their commitment. 

Oh, and if they throw in God or the Bible in their argument, well, just say the conversation is over, because you are certain there are several parts of the bible they have not really followed to the letter. 

I was married for 20 years to Marcos Colon. We had an amazing journey together. He was handsome and had the best laugh. We taught each other so much, and were true allies in this world. 

Marcos passed on in 2010. In our time we had the highs and lows, were broke and paid, and turned on and turned off. How lucky was I in my attempt at marriage? I had the full experience. 

After he passed Marcos let me know he is fine, and that what comes after this earth-bound experience is pure love. Ahh love! I am open to being in love again. Oye! Marcos, if our perrito Gino doesn't approve of him he gets le boot. 

With all this said, if you are lucky may your journey of being married have more ups then downs, last a long time, and give you experiences that foster your spirit's divine evolution. 


Mitchell is Moving said...

Well said. Wishing you pure love -- earthbound and heaven-sent.

Wonder Man said...

You were so lucky to have a love of a lifetime