Sep 9, 2012

Supporting The Music Makers On The Fringes

When music artists turn me on, I make sure to seek them out from time to time, especially if they operate outside of the mainstream pop world.

Many of these artist don't get the heavy radio play or big budget promotions. They work in solitude and have to do gig after gig to make a name for themselves.

With that said, I had posted about this woman's blog, vibe and music awhile back. I was turned on again when I  found new music from Tokimonsta.

The second track below is a wicked remix of Eight and a Half's song; Scissors.

She needs to get over to my neck of the woods and do a show, so I can get my groove on and support her efforts.

Oh and you can find more of her music on Soundcloud. Click here.


Reneé said...

The girls aren't getting as much respect as the boys. I blame the recording industry/event planners, in large part, for them not raking in the buck and bookings. That seems to be the case around the world when it comes to electronica. They want the girls singing but not mixing and spinning. I agree with others who are saying that American electronica is way different from how it was 10-15 years ago. It's becoming very frat boy and concentrated these days.

Wonder Man said...

I'll check it out