Aug 24, 2012

Now You Have It, Now You Don't

PARIS - OCTOBER 01:  Designer John Galiano walks the runway during the Christian Dior Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011 show during Paris Fashion Week at Espace Ephemere Tuileries on October 1, 2010 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Tony Barson/WireImage) *** Local Caption *** John Galiano

So, looks like stripping medals, honors, or titles is the thing to do these days. 

Lance Armstrong punked out against his fight with USADA, that accused him of doping in order to win his Tour de France titles. The result being he is stripped of those racing titles. 

I am of the firm belief that if I am innocent of something, I would fight until my last day. 

I am not surprise about Lance's actions. He knows what he did, along with many others in his sport during that time.

I guess Lance stayed true to himself by punking out. Ya recall when he dropped singer Sheryl Crow soon after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Now, I just read that John Galliano was stripped of his Chevalier of the Legion of Honor.

This is another blow to Galliano, after he made the big mistake of spewing anti-Semitic remarks, while getting shit-faced at a bar.  Johnnie also got the boot at Dior and his own namesake label. 

The moral of the story is cheaters never win, and God don't like ugly. 

Aug 23, 2012

The Ying and Yang of Teaching 10

I had a very interesting summer. I taught in a program that services children with multiple and/or severe disabilities. Most of my students, ages 7-15, were non-verbal and are at a Pre-K level in terms of academics.

It was very challenging and required me to be creative at finding ways to reach each child.

I was humbled when after a full-days work a student would suddenly produce results at that moment, however, the next day that child would have no recall and I was starting from square one.

Often, a big smile would spread across my face when the students with autism were able to produce work that revealed they are learning and aware of the world around them. It was also very special when they would make eye contact with me. I felt they were acknowledging me.

A family member had asked me, "Why are these kids in school?" I responded by saying, "They deserve an education. We never know what content will click in these children's brains or their potential if we don't try."

I also talked about the fact the kids responded to the affection and attention we gave them, and it made them very happy. And, that in working with them I learned to give of myself to others on another level.

So, next week I return to work,and my K-4 students. I am looking forward to seeing them again. I miss them.

Aug 14, 2012

Ron's Turn at Metamorphosis

Ron Palillo passed away today. When I was a little kid I digged watching him as Arnold Horshack on Welcome Back Kotter.  I secretly identifed with him because he was nerdy and "not like the other boys," which is how I would describe myself back in those days,

BTW, back in '01, I got to see Ron in an off-off-Broadway show. He played a redneck homophobic daddy, and was actually very good. Who knew!

Thank you Ron. You made this little gay boy feel like he could belong. Now, go and hang with Donna, Dick and Don.

Aug 9, 2012

My Thoughts on Marriage

Back in 1947, Rita Hayworth did a little song and dance number in the film Down To Earth, that explored an alternative to the one man, one woman marriage. All parties truly were thinking about their own needs.

Most people rarely get married because of the sanctity of the institution of marriage. I believe our temporary earth-bound spirits get married because of a combination of reasons, like:
  • companionship
  • lust
  • finances
  • societal pressures
  • fear
  • hope
  • pregnancy
  • wanting a second mother or daddy
  • ego
  • taxes
  • breeding
  • control
  • fidelity
  • safety
Oh, and of course there is love. Ahh, love. Nature and nurture gave us the ultimate mind fuck. 

The marriage ritual usually attached to this practice gives us the hope that the promise is sacred, therefore, a source of protection, affirmation, and feeling you have a life-long beloved.

That is the job of rituals.  Rituals make our spirit's attempts of being protected by the divine seem possible in our very terrestrial experience.  

Which is why I appreciate rituals. Many of us feel the need to reconnect our divine part within us, to the divine outside of us. I also believe there is power in rituals.

Many members of the GLBT want the word marriage attached to their ritual, as well as, the legal rights attached to it. 

Keep up the good fight. In the meantime, say to the outside world:
  • I am married.
  • This is my wife.
  • This is my husband.
  • This is my family. 
  • These are our children.
If people questions it, you come for them and explain what you have committed yourself to is no different from their commitment. 

Oh, and if they throw in God or the Bible in their argument, well, just say the conversation is over, because you are certain there are several parts of the bible they have not really followed to the letter. 

I was married for 20 years to Marcos Colon. We had an amazing journey together. He was handsome and had the best laugh. We taught each other so much, and were true allies in this world. 

Marcos passed on in 2010. In our time we had the highs and lows, were broke and paid, and turned on and turned off. How lucky was I in my attempt at marriage? I had the full experience. 

After he passed Marcos let me know he is fine, and that what comes after this earth-bound experience is pure love. Ahh love! I am open to being in love again. Oye! Marcos, if our perrito Gino doesn't approve of him he gets le boot. 

With all this said, if you are lucky may your journey of being married have more ups then downs, last a long time, and give you experiences that foster your spirit's divine evolution. 

Aug 2, 2012

Just The Tip of the Iceberg

So, Chick-fil-a's CEO let his homophobic slip show and everyone has been in a tizzy over the past few weeks.   He's don't like the idea of gay folks attaching the word marriage to their life-long commitments to love each other.

All I can say is as a tax paying, law abiding, citizen of this country, I want full participation and not an ounce of discrimination when it comes to my pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Don't fuck with my constitutional rights; bitches.

Oh and by the way, if we dugged deeper, we would find that most corporations both big and small have spread their money and influence in ways we would not like.

Think about the businesses that are exploiting workers, polluting the planet, and nickel and dime-ing us for points.

To keep you good people from getting overwhelmed, let's keep the focus on Chick-fil-a

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