Feb 24, 2013

Why Gentrification Sucks: Reason 242

Get into this interview that is linked below. In the interview you will learn yet another reason why gentrification sucks. Moreover, why this native NYer is often sad to see NYC's uniqueness disappear.

We are decades into seeing NYC being rebuilt for tourist and transplants, that want this city to conform, in order eliminate the unknown.

If you don't want to challenge yourself, then why travel? If you are escaping suburbia and the mall, then you shouldn't support the recreation of it in NYC. 

Ya feel me?


Feb 9, 2013

Blizzard of 2013

Yes, that is snowdrift covering two-thirds of my front door. Yes, that is snow almost up to my waist. Yes, I am sore from all the digging and plowing that went on today. Oh and yes, I am ready for spring to arrive.

Feb 6, 2013

A Young Ball Queen Is Living For...

Trust me when I say, a young queen in the ball scene is going to snatch up these Adidas poodle sneakers. She will either vogue for points in them, or walk a Lady Gaga vs. Niki Minaj category.  Click here for more info.

Thank you Musto for the kiki.

image: adidas Poodle Shoes Q23499

Feb 3, 2013

For Christopher

Hey good people! So, a few days ago I went across the street to visit Christopher. Do ya remember Christopher? I posted about Chris sometime ago.

Christopher is a member of my family of choice.  I've known his mother, Mitchell, for over 20 years. I first met her when she was a young girl of twelve and consider her a niece the Universe sent to me.

Well, when I went for this visit, Christopher showed me this cool construction kit his mother bought from The Discovery Store.  I immediately went to work and created an igloo for Chris.

I wrote the captions with Chris in mind. I want him to practice his sight words and short /i/ sound.
Christopher is in front of his igloo.
Christopher is in his little igloo.
Christopher is reading a new book.
Christopher and his father are in the igloo. They are very happy.