Jul 14, 2014

Random Thoughts

I realized that I have not been sharing certain experiences. Here is my attempt to catch you guys up on some of my adventures.
  • I've been experiencing a lot of loss these past several months. I lost a beloved aunt, an uncle and Gino. I had my moments when I cried about the loss, but then I was able to feel at peace, because, Marcos has showed me on several occasions, that we all will transition to a place for rest and then metamorphosis. 
  • While providing homebound services to a student, I over hear the mom, in the kitchen, say to her friend, "If you are going to prostitute yourself, do it for you, not for a man. God forgive me for what I had to do to pay rent, but if you are gonna prostitute, do it for you. Don't do it for a man. If you have a man he is suppose to be taking care of you." Luckily, the 10 year-old student was totally focused on his math worksheet. I, on the other hand, turned beet red.
  • So, I came out my face to a yungin in the family. I thought I was being this pull no punches, adult. I thought I was going to get across to him by laying down the law. After I found out he was really upset with me, I apologized. We shook on it and I thought all was good. Well, now he aint talking to me. And, now I feel sad about it. 
  • Still feeling like as I get older, I get better. I roll with it and take action, in order to keep on rolling. 

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