Nov 19, 2007

Cherry Picking Music

Jermaine Dupree broke out his violin to plead the case of music artist. He wrote about how Jay-Z refused to have his music posted on i-Tunes because it would disrupt the flow of what he created as an artistic expression because of the "cherry picking" mentality of listeners.

This is what I have to say about that:

1. Yo J, come on, you know when you was broke, like most folk, you recorded your favorite songs on tape to listen to later. As you made your mixed tapes you cherry picked

2. Where were you Mr. Dupree when the music industry started charging young people over $20 for a CD when it only cost that greedy industry only a 1/4 of that amount to produce that CD. The kids couldn't afford their music so hence the "sharing."

3. Ahh the whole artist canvas defense you presented. Even the most devoted fan can say that the whole CD they purchased from the artist they are devoted to, they often find they tend to skip a few tracks to get to their favorites.

4. Let's keep it real, in your YOUR CD collection you have a few tracks that you skip because that song is WHACK.

5. Artist have so many other avenues to cash in. I just saw a commercial for i-Tunes with Mary J. Blige. You know that was all ka-ching for her. Shit she paid several months of her mortgage thanks to that commercial.

6. Embrace the times and figure out how to adapt to them. Many other ARTIST have figured out way to respond to the changing needs and economics of their time. Do the work.

7. Pandora's box has been opened. Do you really think that Jay's albums is not on the Internet as you typed your post on

8. Finally, times are gonna be hard for us non-MTV-living-Cribs such as yourself. Our disposable income will be far and few in between. So I ask when it comes to feed yourself or buy Jay-Z's new album; I'm gonna choose FOOD.

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