Nov 23, 2007

Turkey Day Without The Turkey

Well good people, I got through another Thanksgiving Day. This year was very different than the past few years because I did not have my extended family members Izzy, Joslyn and her son Marco at my table (sigh). Over the past few years they have come out to CT to spend a few days, while consuming food and drink.

I was in a low-key sorta mood so I decided to keep it very simple. My hubby invited over his good friend Joma and her new wifey with their 3 year old child. I forgot how much attention children need. He was adorable and smart, but the poor child was not feeling well so they left earlier than we had expected. In fact I didn't get to serve my pumpkin pie. Lil J I hope you feel better soon.

I also didn't cook a turkey this year. I made my lovely fresh ham that I cover in cloves, mustard and brown sugar that is mixed with a bit of curry powder. Try it you'll like it. My side dishes were collard greens sauteed with maple cured bacon, onion and garlic, as well as, my puree of sweet potato seasoned with butter, cinnamon, maple syrup and cream. YUM! Oh and the husband wanted my arroz con gandules. Like most Puerto Ricans from the island, he feels he hasn't really eaten unless he's had some rice and beans on his plate.

It was cute for what it was. I'm really thinking I want to blow it out for Christmas.

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