Nov 18, 2007

Dumb Aint Cute

Jessica Simpson has been the butt of a joke for far too long. She has been cast as the dumb blond in contemporary popular culture. Think back to her "chicken of the sea" confusion, or her buffalo wings commercial, and most recently her role in the Macy's commercials. This woman is pimping out her soul for tons of money and doesn't realize it's being done without any lube.

Us older folks see this. I fear the younger folks don't. This so-called Christian woman that saved her virginity for marriage is now promoting a stereotype that invites young girls to open their legs. Don't think, but you betta look cute, is the rule of the dumb blond.

What's really tragic is that I've heard her father was a minister. This former minister-father pimped his children out to serve a lower purpose. I'm sure he knows a chapter and verse to justify his behavior.

Let me say this. I don't mind the blond bimbo thing if it's organic. I want to help that type of person, man or woman, that suffers from a lack of awareness and life experience. It's all about enlightenment in my opinion. I do mind it when it's a contrived bullshit like Jessica and her surgically altered sister took on and promote.

We're suppose to evolve not go backwards!

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