Apr 20, 2011

I Gagged Then Came Together

I almost spit up my cereal with soy milk this morning. As I was checking out Dlisted.com I came across a post showing the disfigurement of Pete Burns' face. Good people, ya remember Pete right? He was the lead singer of Dead or Alive. He use to rock the eye patch and sang about being spun around and his heart going bang, bang, bang, bang.

He paid a lot of money and went through a lot of pain to get to these horrid results. I did see him several years back and saw the early stages of his new face. Silly me. I thought he would know when to say when.

This was Pete back in the 80s. The gown is not so great, but the face and hair are serving.

This is Pete now! There is nothing serving about this. What a shame!


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Reneé said...

Isn't it sad? I stay on dlisted and when I saw that I just shook my head. Pete has a lot going on psychologically and it's a shame that he's encouraged to go the freakshow route for coin instead of getting treatment for his body image issues. He has to be going out of the country for surgeries, etc because no one in the UK would treat him.