Apr 21, 2011

My Spring Soundtrack

Good people, it's been awhile since I shared what is turning me on sonically. Here are some tracks that are helping me take in the arrival of spring in a joyful way.

The Warning by Sepalcure: A nice track to get you going without amping you up too much. It has the layers and house vibe that I love.

Make It Better (Stylus Dust Remix) by The Knocks: I stomp to the bus stop while this track gets my mind, body and soul ready for my students.

Electric Feel by MGMT: This track has been out for awhile, but it's new to me. I came across the band while reading some shady remarks about them. Hey, it's has a nice beat, and you can dance to it. Plus, I like when DWB try to serve up some soul.


Renee said...

Sepalcure I'm definitely feeling because dubstep is pulling my chains right now. The Knocks were cool but I can't get with the MGMT...I just want to throw bodywash at those children and take the octaves down a little.

Allan S. said...

lol....DWB=Dirth White Boys